Environmental Sustainability
About steam supply in our manufacturing, all our garment factories have eliminated coal-fired boiler and switched to electric heating steam generator for ironing,it’s meeting the environmental requirements(no noise pollution and no air pollution), it’s also saving energy and electricity, the electric energy conversion heat energy has high efficiency and less loss, the running thermal efficiency is above 98%.

In our supply chain, dyeing factories and fabric factories have eliminated coal-fired boiler and switched to natural gas to heat,almost without any exhaust emissions.

About waste water emission in our supply chain, all dyeing factories are full compliance with government regulations, waste water can’t  been discharged only it’s COD is less than 50.
Sustainable Product
We are committed to responsibly addressing the environmental impact of our business.and considered as a key factor in our business. Our key focus area includes energy, emissions, waste, and water. Nevertheless, we constantly explores other fields to make progress in environmental sustainability and achieve corporate responsibility.

Therefore, we complete the self-assessment of HIGG FEM annual year,our goal is to overachieve Environmental Sustainability through practical strategy and innovative technology that positively impacts the global environment.

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